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Miscellaneous example sentences in Talbas
Welcome to Conlangery, the podcast about constructed languages and the people who create them.
Titi qoy ke q'ılbi, Kanleneli titi neme, tsokosesi talbas te seymeti padakas pen.
[ˈti.ti ˈqoj ˈke ˈqʼɯ, ˈ ˈti.ti ˈ, ˈ ˈtal.bas ˈte ˈ ˈpa.da.kas ˈpen. ]
titi2p qo-i1s-gen kencla q'ılbi,appreciate, KanleneliConlangery titi2p neme,hear, tsokoses-iman-made-gen talbaslanguage teand padakaspodcast
Donkey Beater Story in Talbas
One day, a second man, who was a neighbor, came to the donkey-beater
Qlanes, sami natos pani, tetes pen, ninkali 'opeyna be pani,
[ˈqɫɑ.nes, ˈsa.mi ˈna.tos ˈ, ˈte.tes ˈpen, ˈniŋ ˈʔ ˈbe ˈ, ]
qlan-s,sun-indf, samisecond nato-sman-indf pani,come, tete-sneighbor-indf pen,be, ninkal-idonkey-gen 'ope-inahit-er.m beloc pani,come,

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