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The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger,
K'eney pla te qlan, se t'aldey 'ami balben,
[ˈkʼe.nej ˈpla ˈte ˈqɫɑn, ˈse ˈtʼal.dej ˈʔa.mi ˈbal.ben, ]
k'ene-inorth-gen plawind teand qlan,sun, secmp t'alde-istrength-gen 'amiquestion balbe-n,argue-impfv,
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
They agreed that the one who first succeeded in making the traveler take his cloak off should be considered stronger than the other.
Pla te qlan ke santi, sempoy 'ay qateseyna se t'aldendan.
[ˈpla ˈte ˈqɫɑŋ ˈke ˈsan.ti, ˈsem.poj ˈʔaj ˈqɑ ˈse ˈtʼal.den.dan. ]
plawind teand qlansun kencla santi,agree, sempo-icloak-gen 'ayfirst qate-se-inaremove-caus-er.m secmp t'alde-nda-n.strength-be-impfv.
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
Then the North Wind blew as hard as he could,
Tsa k'eney pla pote kanni t'aldeken,
[ˈtsa ˈkʼe.nej ˈpla ˈpo.te ˈ ˈtʼ, ]
tsathen k'ene-inorth-gen plawind poteblow kannias_much_as_possible t'alde-ken,strength-ins,
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
and at last the North Wind gave up the attempt.
tsa klande k'eney pla lembi.
[ˈtsa ˈ ˈkʼe.nej ˈpla ˈ ]
tsathen klandefinally k'ene-inorth-gen plawind lembi.give_up.
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
And so the North Wind was obliged to confess that the Sun was the stronger of the two.
Le k'eney pla ke samo, qlan se t'aldenda.
[ˈle ˈkʼe.nej ˈpla ˈke ˈ, ˈqɫɑn ˈse ˈtʼal.den.da. ]
leso k'ene-inorth-gen plawind kencla samo,admit, qlansun secmp t'alde-nda.strength-be.