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Miscellaneous example sentences in Talbas
Welcome to Conlangery, the podcast about constructed languages and the people who create them.
Titi qoy ke q'ılbi, Kanleneli titi neme, tsokosesi talbas te seymeti padakas pen.
[ˈti.ti ˈqoj ˈke ˈqʼɯ, ˈ ˈti.ti ˈ, ˈ ˈtal.bas ˈte ˈ ˈpa.da.kas ˈpen. ]
titi2p qo-i1s-gen kencla q'ılbi,appreciate, KanleneliConlangery titi2p neme,hear, tsokoses-iman-made-gen talbaslanguage teand padakaspodcast
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger,
K'eney pla te qlan, se t'aldey 'ami balben,
[ˈkʼe.nej ˈpla ˈte ˈqɫɑn, ˈse ˈtʼal.dej ˈʔa.mi ˈbal.ben, ]
k'ene-inorth-gen plawind teand qlan,sun, secmp t'alde-istrength-gen 'amiquestion balbe-n,argue-impfv,
The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
They agreed that the one who first succeeded in making the traveler take his cloak off should be considered stronger than the other.
Pla te qlan ke santi, sempoy 'ay qateseyna se t'aldendan.
[ˈpla ˈte ˈqɫɑŋ ˈke ˈsan.ti, ˈsem.poj ˈʔaj ˈqɑ ˈse ˈtʼal.den.dan. ]
plawind teand qlansun kencla santi,agree, sempo-icloak-gen 'ayfirst qate-se-inaremove-caus-er.m secmp t'alde-nda-n.strength-be-impfv.

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