Tydotsuy usage notes

Color terms

Colors are described using the verb hat. The object of the verb can be a color word, or any noun describing an object that is primarily one color. The object of the verb usually lacks an article and a classifier prefix. Two colors can be used next to each other to describe a mixture of the two colors, like in English.

Basic color terms

The basic color terms in Tydotsuy are black, white, red, yellow, green, and blue. Other colors are considered shades of these basic color terms, and any two of these terms can be combined as described above except red-green and yellow-blue. The words for black, red, and white can be used as simple adjectives when used restrictively. The words for green and blue have stative verbs meaning "to be green" and "to be blue", respectively; these are not used when combining colors. The nouns for the basic color terms, when used as color terms, all have the classifier fuu.

Blackdyumuudyumuuhat dyumuuAlso means "dark". Ah dyumuu and Hie dyumuu mean "dark" and "black", respectively.
Whitepietitpietithat pietitAlso means "light". Ah pietit and hie pietit mean "light" and "white", respectively.
Redulholulholhat ulhol
Yellowbuubuu hashat buuAlso the word for "end": at the end of the year, leaves turn yellow; at the end of the day, the sky turns yellow. Rotting fruit is often considered to be a shade of this color.
GreenshwelhshwelhasshwelhatAlso the classifier for "plant".
BluelyshpyllyshoslyshotLyshpyl also means "ocean".