The water of the river gives us life. OnuiabASnZx jwAsZ oalI ohurePZh ofusciaxhai

Tydotsuy is a conlang used in the country Tydotsu (a.k.a. Dhidox). Water is important to this country.

Font test

This: Otidaxsui should look like this: a bunch of symbols, mostly connected together but with a space in the middle, and a line with a curly thing at the bottom, and a thing that looks like a lightning bolt... (this is not as easy to describe as Lwaitel's name was), not this: Otidaxsui.

If you see any problems with the font, please let me know. It works on my computer, but FontForge listed a bunch of problems that seem like they would be time-consuming to try to fix, so I don't know if it's actually valid and will work on other computers.

Pronunciation for English speakers


Pronounce thisLike this
b, d, f, l, m, n, s, sh, wLike in English
þ (or c)like th in math
hlike in hen, even at the ends of words
jy in yes (like Johann)
lhsort of like an unvoiced L
p, tlike English p and t in spin and stun (sort of a combination between p/t and b/d)
ph, thlike English p and t in pin and tin
rlike Spanish single r, or like the dd in ladder
'glo'al stop (glottal stop)


a, e, i, ufather bet ski haiku
olike the vowel in caught, if you pronounce it differently than cot; otherwise sort of a combination between the vowels in boat and bought
ylike German ü; try pronouncing i and u at the same time
ailike in Hawaii (like the pronoun I)
eilike in weight
ea, ielike ear in non-rhotic dialects (both are pronounced the same)
oylike in boy, but with your lips rounded throughout the sound
uyu followed by y... sounds sort of like oy
uo, yulike uy backwards (both are pronounced the same)
·syllable break (a·i is two syllables, whereas ai is one syllable pronounced as above)

Stress is usually on the second-to-last syllable. Doubled letters are pronounced for a longer amount of time than single letters.

For more precise information on how stuff is pronounced, see the phonology section.