The Chocolate Rain

Prompt: Rain and candy

Content warning: food

December 2004

In Suîⱥcúil (pronounced "SWEE oh QUILL" /ˈswi.ɔ.kwɪl/ audio , from the chocolate language Coculaghtl, which is pronounced "KO koo LOT le" /koʊ.ku.ˈlɑt.l̩/), there was the most chocolate in the world. That chocolate was in Lake Chocolake. Instead of water like most lakes, it was all chocolate. The lake was made by Uiaoe (pronounced "WE AH oh AY" /wi.ˈɑ.oʊ.eɪ/ audio ), who bought large packages of milk chocolate candy bars and put them into a big hole in the ground. Slowly, all the chocolate melted to form a lake.

One sunny day, Uiaoe noticed that some of the chocolate in the lake had disappeared and there was a big brown cloud in the sky (it didn't cover the whole sky, so the sun was still shining). The cloud got bigger as the day went on, and brown drops of milk chocolate rain started to fall. Soon, chocolate rivers formed, such as the Tʃo̊r ("CHORE" /ˈtʃoɹ/) and the Sıûo ("SYOO" /ˈsju/). They flowed into Lake Chocolake, and smaller chocolate streams, such as Ø̈cula ("WAH koo LAH" /ˈwɑ.ku.lɑ/) and Tʃıûa ("CHYOO uh" /ˈtʃju.ə/) flowed into those rivers.

The rain continued for a month, and then it got cold and there started to be chocolate snow and chocolate fog (which is harder to see through than regular fog because chocolate isn't clear).

However, the amount of chocolate began to diminish over time as people caught raindrops and snowflakes on their tongues. Also, the wind brought clouds from nearby Lake Wihowi (pronounced "WI oh WI" /ˈwɪ.oʊ.wɪ/, from the water language Dhidoxy, pronounced "DID OK soo" /dɪd.ˈɑ, which is filled with water. It began to rain, which turned Lake Chocolake and all of the rivers and streams into normal water lakes, rivers, and streams. But people still talk of the time when there were chocolate lakes, rivers, and streams, and when the rain, snow, clouds, and fog were made of chocolate.