Questions and answers

Assignment: Answer these questions in a creative way

1. Where are you?

I am here, at coordinates (x, y), where x - [something] = xbridge and y - [something] = ybridge. (xbridge, ybridge) is located on a structure over a large collection of dihydrogen monoxide that moving machines can travel on.

2. What are you doing?

I'm utilizing the muscles in my left hand to drag a stick of wood containing a thinner stick of soft carbon over a heavily-processed piece of a tree, with the goal of forming shapes that English speakers can derive meaning from to answer questions provided to me by the Creative Writing instructor.

3. What time of day is it? Describe the light.

Approximately 9.5/24 of the time it takes for the Earth to make one complete rotation ago, if one were to dig straight down through the center of the earth and continue into space they would be closer to the sun than at any other time in the past 24 hours. Currently the sun is in the east, hidden behind water droplets.

4. Who is with you and why are they there?

Obviously my classmates are with me, because I am in class. They have the same class as me at the same time, so they are also here. There is also some weird bald man with glasses and a shirt that says "I'm so pumped". Not sure why.

5. What's your problem?

Well, for one thing, I think I'm allergic to something. For another thing, the Princess got graded down for writing in Dhidoxu instead of Súiⱥcúili, someone tried to rhyme with orange, someone's insane, and Ⱥløro̽e is sick, and so my fictional characters aren't doing too well.