Sacred Mountain

In Coculaght, there is a mountain. It is a special mountain, on top of which is a restaurant. This restaurant is rumored to have the best food in the world.

"So can we go there?" asked Ⱥløroe audio .

"No, one cannot simply go to the Sacred Mountain", said Oleriu audio . "First one must live his/her life according to the Law of the Ancient Cats. Then one must get a written invitation; then one must fill out the proper forms. Once those are filled out, one must fast for three days, then take exactly 23 cacao beans and travel up the mountain on foot, surviving only on the leaves of the rucuvelin there."

"And then what do I get?"

"Delicious pies, cakes, and chocolates. And if you're very lucky, there is a special berry that grows on that mountain that ripens once every 144 years. It is said to have the best taste in existance. Only the chosen one of each generation may eat this berry."

So Ⱥløroe found a cat, and indicated that ze wanted to know the Law of the Ancient Cats. The cat communicated the law through thought, and spend the next several years living zir life by those rules. After approximately six and a quarter years, ze got a written invitation to the Sacred Mountain.

Ze knew what to do. Ze filled out the form, fasted, and went on zir way.

"I see you have travelled some distance", said a strange person. "But you came just in time. The sacred berry is ripe!"

The strange person brought a pie. "Eat", ze said. So that's what Ⱥløroe did. Then ze felt sick to zir stomach.

Ze was allergic to the berry.

Ze threw up all over the place, and had to leave, and ze never went back there again.

The end.