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Examples of lú in Lwaitel : Perceiving objects
I look at the cat.
 
Lánku sákipes an myau.
[ˈlaŋ.ku ˈɪ̆s ˈan ˈmjæo]
lam-kudo-1 sákipeslook_at anprox

Lam sakipes means intentional looking, as opposed to which could just be passive seeing.

Lánku sáki an myau.
[ˈlaŋ.ku ˈ ˈan ˈmjæo]
lam-kudo-1 sákilook_at anprox

Less formal

Examples of lú in Lwaitel : Perception of facts
The cat looks black (to me).
 
An myau swin swátel .
[ˈan ˈmjæo ˈswɨɲ ˈswɑ.tl̩ ˈlu]
anprox myaucat swí-enbe.sbjv-prox swátelblack .see.

Some alternate word orders allowed: Lú an myau swin swatel, An myau lú swin swatel. Not allowed: *An myau lú(n) swatel: when used in this sense, modifies a complete sentence, so the regular verb must be there. Definitely not allowed: *An myau lan saki (swa) swatel: lam saki does translate to "look", but it doesn't mean "look" in this sense, but rather that the cat is looking at something.

This expresses some uncertainty as to whether the cat really is black, or if it just looks that way for some reason. Because of this, the verb changes to the subjunctive (swin instead of swan).

Sentences to Test Conlang Syntax in Lwaitel
78. The sun looked down through the branches upon the children at play.
  ,   
Húswes málen sáki míshelw páskel inún, an waipwe lem twímek.
[ˈhu.swʊ̜̆s ˈma.ln̩ ˈ ˈmi.ʃl̩ʷ ˈpas.kl̩ i.ˈɲʉn, ˈan ˈwɑe.pwᵿ̜̆ lm̩.ˈtwɨ.mɪ̆k]
húswessun mal-endo.inv-prox sákilook_at míshelwdown páskelthrough inún,branch, anprox waipwechild lem=twímek.part=play.