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The North Wind and the Sun in Talbas
They agreed that the one who first succeeded in making the traveler take his cloak off should be considered stronger than the other.
Pla te qlan ke santi, sempoy 'ay qateseyna se t'aldendan.
[ˈpla ˈte ˈqɫɑŋ ˈke ˈsan.ti, ˈsem.poj ˈʔaj ˈqɑ ˈse ˈtʼal.den.dan. ]
plawind teand qlansun kencla santi,agree, sempo-icloak-gen 'ayfirst qate-se-inaremove-caus-er.m secmp t'alde-nda-n.strength-be-impfv.
Donkey Beater Story in Talbas
One day, a second man, who was a neighbor, came to the donkey-beater
Qlanes, sami natos pani, tetes pen, ninkali 'opeyna be pani,
[ˈqɫɑ.nes, ˈsa.mi ˈna.tos ˈ, ˈte.tes ˈpen, ˈniŋ ˈʔ ˈbe ˈ, ]
qlan-s,sun-indf, samisecond nato-sman-indf pani,come, tete-sneighbor-indf pen,be, ninkal-idonkey-gen 'ope-inahit-er.m beloc pani,come,
Donkey Beater Story in Talbas
The donkey-beater said, “Beating is all the donkey knows, I must beat him until he learns how to behave.”
'opeyna ke talba, "ninkal 'o 'ope sinso; qo 'opemel maso, somoy soy lomi do."
[ˈʔ ˈke ˈ, ˈniŋ.kal ˈʔo ˈʔ ˈ; ˈqo ˈʔ ˈ, ˈso.moj ˈsoj ˈlo.mi ˈdo." ]
'ope-inahit-er.m kencla talba,say, "ninkal"donkey 'oonly 'opehit sinso;know; qo1s 'ope-melhit-opt maso,need, somo-ibehave_properly-gen soyhow? lomilearn do."until."