Tmocrh's Time Machine

Assignment: Must choose a line from a love song (from a list of lines we were given) and use that in the story

Content warning: food

Once upon a time machine, Hxa Tmocrh (pronounced in English "hux-AH tum-O-ker"), who lived in Coculaght after the country of Ḱĺk̀ took over, traveled in a time machine to a random day. Unfortunately, that day was February 14, the day dedicated to that L word.

The year was Cocor (years have names in Coculaght), the year after Uiaoel when Uiaoe put chocolate in Lake Chocolake. This was before Ḱĺk̀ took over Coculaght and Hxa became in charge.

Ze was where zir house was, where the Tmocrh River flows into Lake Tmocrh - only there was no water. Instead, there was chocolate.

You may have read a story about Uiaoe putting chocolate into Lake Chocolake. The chocolate formed clouds and rained and formed rivers and streams, but they ended up being filled with water from Lake Wihowi. Hxa did not believe this story. However, ze was beginning to wonder if ze was wrong.

Hxa hated that 4-letter word that starts with L. Ze heard that word so much that ze made a sign that said, "Don't say that you love me!" Landing on Valentine's Day was the worst thing that could happen to zem.

Ze decided to get out of there, so ze went to a different random day. Ze was still at the same place, but now there was a sign with the story of Lake Chocolake and a map. There was slightly brownish water in the lake and river. The sign showed the lake as Lake Chocolake and the river as Tʃor. Now ze knew the story was true.

Suddenly, there was an explosion and all the mice ran away. Mt. Sìůcṛlă (pronounced "SYOO ker LUH"), the mountain that was covered with vanilla ice cream exploded and raspberry jelly came out. Hxa ate what ze could and tried not to be buried in jelly, and then ze went back to the year Tmocrodo where ze was in charge.

Pronunciations of names

Hxa hux-AH /həks.ˈɑ/
Tmocrh tum-O-ker /təm.ˈoʊ.kɹ̩/
Coculaght CO-coo-lot /ˈkoʊ.ku.lɑt/
Ḱĺk̀CLUCK /ˈklək/
Cocor CO-core /ˈkoʊ.koɹ/
UiaoelWEE-AH-oh-ELL /wi.ˈa.oʊ.ɛl/
UiaoeWEE-AH-oh-AY /wi.ˈa.oʊ.eɪ/
ChocolakeCHOCK-oh-LAKE /ˈtʃɑk.oʊ.leɪk/
TʃorCHORE /ˈtʃoɹ/
SìůcṛlăSYOO-ker-LUH /ˈsju.kɹ̩.lə/
Tmocrodotum-OH-ker-OH-doh /təm.oʊ.kɹ̩.ˈoʊ.doʊ/