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Noun phrase examples in Lwaitel : Definiteness
No one got this food.
1  
Úni íken an múmwe.
[ˈu.ɲɨ ˈ̩ ˈan ˈmu.mwʊ̜̆]
únineg ik-enget.inv-prox anprox mú
Noun phrase examples in Lwaitel : Definiteness
No one got any food.
1  
Úni íki nga múmwe.
[ˈu.ɲɨ ˈ ˈŋɜ ˈmu.mwʊ̜̆]
únineg ik-iget.inv-obv ngaany mú

*Úni iki úni mumwe would be double negation, so nga is required here.

Translations from the CBB in Lwaitel : Are you learning...
What language are you learning?
   
An lau hástu íken kiusteng.
[ˈan ˈlao ˈ ˈ̩ ˈkɪʉs.tŋ̩]
anprox lauwhat hástulanguage ik-enget.inv-prox kiusteng.learn.

(Question words affect inverse marking.)

(Also the word order is fairly free, but the question word (lau, pikúni) tends to go near the beginning of the sentence. And both have a rising intonation to indicate that they're questions.)

Donkey Beater Story in Lwaitel
This time, he did not say anything, but seized the donkey beater and began to beat him with a heavy cudgel.
, 1,    
P'an pik, mausel úni, su íken suimpu se mal wípi na.
[ˈpan ˈpik, ˈ̩ ˈu.ɲɨ, sʉ ˈ̩ ˈsʊɨm.pʉ sʊ̜̆ ˈmal ˈwɨ.pi ˈna]
pe=anat=prox pik,time, maus-elsay-med úni,neg, suand ik-enget.inv-prox suimpugrab seand maldo.inv wípiinjured na.become.

TODO figure out what conjunction should go where "but" is. Also "with a heavy cudgel."