Home page changes

I should have made this back in March/April when I was actually making these changes, but better late than never.

This is a list of times that I've moved or removed links on the home page (and other changes that might impact your ability to find what you're looking for). I try to keep URLs working, so if you bookmark specific pages, those bookmarks should still work, even when I change the home page.

I'm trying reverse chronological order this time (everything else on my site is currently in forward chronological or non-chronological order), so newest stuff is at the top.

  1. # 2022-09-30: Moved Actions from my esoteric programming languages to a new Experimental Programming Languages page, and moved the links to both of these further down a bit on the Programming page
  2. # 2021-07-27: Moved Conversion and calculations index page to Old and obsolete stuff
  3. # 2021-06-16: Reorganized the options page
    • The "Other options" section is now at the top ("General options"). Moved "Math display" to a new "Math options" section, and "Slightly lower contrast" to the "Color scheme" section.
    • Moved some color schemes into a new "Gay" section
    • Rearranged the sections that correspond to specific sections of my website to be the same as the order on the home page.
    • Moved "Use wider margins" from "Story/creative writing" to "General", since I've been starting to apply it to things other than stories.
    • Removed the content warning option for "NSFW or sexual content (images)", because, as I'd already mentioned on the options page, there probably won't be any content in this category in the forseeable future.
  4. # 2021-06-07:
  5. # 2021-04-10:
  6. # 2021-04-02:
  7. # 2021-03-29:
  8. # 2019-12-18:
  9. # 2018-12-02:
    • Made a section on the home page and a separate page for math stuff. Moved some things from Conversion and calculation things there, and moved Date anagrams off the home page to this new page.
    • Moved conlanging resources to the top of my conlang page, above my own languages. Also made it so my older languages are grouped together with my newer languages ("My conlangs" section) rather than my older writing systems ("Older things" section).
  10. # 2018-11-12:
  11. # 2015-09-20:
  12. # 2015-09-04:
    • Moved Music compositions from "Other" to a new "Music" section [now in "Other artistic/creative things"].
  13. # 2015-08-05:
    • Split the "Things I've made" section into "xkcd-related" and "Other".
  14. # 2015-08-04:
  15. # 2015-08-03 (or maybe 08-04):
    • Started this website.