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  1. #2015-10-1: Started a list of what's new

    I'm probably not going to put all changes to my website here... not yet sure how much detail to include, though. (Changes to Thread Necromancy etc. scores and placements won't appear here, because it just checks whenever you open that page.)

    "New" in this case means "newly uploaded to this website"

    There exists lots of stuff on this site already, so if you just look at everything listed in "What's New", you're going to miss some things.

  2. #2015-10-9: Math finger paintings

    This was my final project in calculus. 4 images, Start, List

  3. #2015-10-10: Java piano applet

    Click the keys to play notes

  4. #2015-10-13: JavaScript == operator demo

    Demonstration and explanation of JavaScript's == operator. Go

  5. #2015-10-13: Superhero cat (creative writing)

    My superhero is, of course, a cat (since cats are obviously super)! She (or he) doesn't have a name; her kind don't communicate using language (preferring telepathy, of course); when humans talk about her they generally use nouns (e.g., "that cat over there", or "that cute little kitten I always see") or pronouns ("he", or "she"). He looks like an ordinary cat and does not have any distinguishing characteristics (he's white with either blue-green or purple eyes, depending on some lighting phenomenon/which color is handy for the guy drawing the comics; they're officially "bluish").

    Read more; Origin story

  6. #2015-10-15: Finish Writing Notebook 2
  7. #2015-10-16: Useless interpreter (esoteric programming language)

    My esoteric programming language "Useless" now has an interpreter. It's a useless interpreter, though.

  8. #2015-10-25: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 22: +27 words (674); started example "North Wind and the Sun"
    • new words chús ngi·nít "fail", chús/kí swíl·kwe "win", pús "partly, (pau) táng·ku "strong", (pau) sai·yu "weak", nal·enk "cloak", lí·we "short-lived", pík·el "long-lived", (naum) li·pwí·ye "traveller", hye·lwait "glowing", ún·lwet "not glowing", lwe ku·kú kai·tu "striped", hú·hu "spot", some hair-color and eye-color terms, (lú) hwau·we·yeng "blurry"
    • added sense "about, around" (numbers) to nel "like"; added sense "things associated with" to swet "around"; added sense "even" to unun "not zero"; added sense "even though" to útwek "but"; added sense "succeed" to nginatu "complete"; added sense "clear" to kí·lu "cyan"
    • split pyet "then" into pyet "after that" (conj.) and pe pik "at the time currently talked about" (adverbial) [TODO anything else refer to that that needs to be changed?]
    • made kai·tu "color" possessable
    • started usage notes (currently only contains info about color terms)
    • started North Wind and the Sun (example story)

    Lwaitel home page

  9. #2015-11-5: CA11122004 (constructed writing system)

    CA11122004 is a writing system that I made on November 12, 2004. It's unclear what language this was intended for (I don't think I made a conlang that used this system); it incorporates some of English's phonotactics restrictions and has only English consonants, but has symbols for vowels that aren't in English (namely, the front rounded vowels, German ö and ü, IPA /y ʏ ø œ/; also it includes /ɔ/ and /ʍ/ which are in some English dialects but not mine). Read more

  10. #2015-11-6: Yummy Foods (pictures made from words)

    Text in the shape of various foods, which I made for a languages arts (English) class. 12 images, Start, List

  11. #2015-11-10: Súia̷cúili (conlang) revision new-6: +24 words (554), reanalyzed the phonology
    • Added words ıŋca̷ "near", plıca̷ "far", grůʃtilun "put", fienilun "push", pelnilun "give", tʃú̊cilun "hit", o̽ŋcun "lazy", tʃeclisun "neutral laziness", clisa̷ "hard-working", ma̷ "tasty", tʃemun "neutral-tastiness", dilŋun "untasty", husun "dark blue"; names Úiaou, A̷lørou, Ó̊leriu; phrase aca̷ o̊lo̊lun "hidden"
    • Changed a̷ho̽lo̽lipsun → a̷ho̽lo̽lispun "camera" (original might have been a typo), scila̷ → isca̷ "hot" (because of phonotactics); removed dots from over i's in many function words, and changed slůril → slurıl "probably"; changed the definite form of so̽ctun from saght to so̽ght; made cilun "cyan" no longer a basic color term, and made color terms applied to humans refer to eye color
    • Changed the phonology (which didn't change many words): affricates are now phonemes, /ɚ/ is now classified as a vowel, maximal syllable is now CCVCC rather than CCCVCCCC, /r̩/ and /ɾ/ are no longer separate phonemes, /ks/ is no longer explicitly allowed as an initial cluster (it was never used in any words), some other clusters are disallowed that weren't before, /h/ vs. /x/ vs. /ɣ/ is now analyzed differently.
    • Continued example "Crunchy the Kitty Cat", and added a miscellaneous example
    • Added stats page, added filter/search to lexicon, changed some formatting things, moved the adjective-forming suffixes to the lexicon

    Súia̷cúili home page

  12. #2015-11-22: xkcdsw: Four new comics starting with Added a comment (132)
  13. #2015-12-8: Date conversion program now has Julian calendar and Julian Day options

    Convert dates

  14. #2015-12-11: Some old drawings and paintings

    Some pictures I made when I was much younger. 10 pictures, Start, List

  15. #2015-12-17: Dvorak More keyboard layout for Mac OS X

    (Dvorak more has additional symbols available when you press option and shift)

    Dvorak More is a keyboard layout that I made for Mac OS X that adds a bunch of Unicode symbols to the keyboard. Intended audience is those who use Mac OS X, know (or want to learn) Dvorak, are already familiar with entering special characters on Mac, and regularly need to type other Unicode characters (that are similar enough to the ones I type). (Mainly I made it for myself, and I'm making it available in case anyone else wants it.) (Oh, and it uses QWERTY for the command key.)

    The letters and numbers are the same as ordinary Dvorak; rather, more symbols have been added that use the Option key. Furthermore, non-redundant symbols using the Option key haven't been changed. Most of the new symbols require two keystrokes.

    Symbols added include:

    • More accented characters (ȳḡāōēūīąǫęųįůẘǽṕýǵćŕĺńśḱḿẃźḧẗẍẅŷĝĉȒĥŝĵŵẑỹẽũĩñṽỳǹẁğăŏĕŭĭǧčřľǎǒěǔǐďȟťňšǰǩžģŗļȩḑḩţņşķṗẏḟġċṙŀȧȯėḋḣṫṅṡẋḃṁẇżỵṛḷạọẹụịḍḥṭṇṣḳḅṃẉṿẓőűȼłⱥɇⱦ)
    • Most IPA (phonetic) characters (ɨøɜɾɫɐɤɵœꜜəˌꜛɶæʉʲˈɞǃɘʢʡʋɸʏɱɡɣçʁʎʔɢɹʀɺʟʕǂǁǀɑɔʘɛʊɪðɥɦʜθŋɴʃɕːɒɲʝɟɬɮχɧħβʙɯɰʍʌʋʒʑʼˠˡˤʰⁿʲʷɚɝɽɻɭɖʈɳʂʐʦʧʨʣʤʥ and a bunch of diacritics)
    • Mathematical symbols (⋂∧∘∗∅⊊⊂⊆⊄⊈⊃⊇⊅⊉⊋ℓ≡≢⋃∨∀∃∄⋃∈∉∂ℏ⋮×⊚⊛⊙⊘⊜⊕⊗), double-struck letters (ℙ𝕐𝔽𝔾ℂℝ𝕃𝔸𝕆𝔼𝕌𝕀𝔻ℍ𝕋ℕ𝕊ℚ𝕁𝕂𝕏𝔹𝕄𝕎𝕍ℤ), Greek letters (αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρστυφχψω), superscripts and subscripts (¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁰⁽⁾ᵖᴾʸᵍᴳʳᴿᴸ⁼⁺ᵃᴬᵒᴼᵉᴱᵘᵁⁱᴵᵈᴰʰᴴᵗᵀⁿᴺᵑʲᴶᵏᴷ˟ᵇᴮᵐᴹʷᵂᵛᶻ₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉₀₍₎ᵣ₌₊ₐₒₑᵤᵢⱼₓᵥ), fractions (⅟½↉⅓⅔¼¾⅕⅖⅗⅘⅙⅚⅐⅛⅑⅒)
    • Miscellaneous symbols (⁓⚠ꙫꙪ♯★☆☹☻☺↑⇑▲△♥♡♦♢♣♧♠♤←⇐◄◁↓⇓▼▽→⇒►▷ðÐþÞ♮⇧⇪⌃⌥⌘×♭)
    • Control-W and Control-V now work on MacVim (snapshot 73, Mavericks). Hopefully this change won't break any other program that uses the control key.

    More info/download

  16. #2015-12-20: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 23: +21 words (695); finished example "North Wind and the Sun"
    • new words: lautes "how", tas "so", hyam ngausu "present a choice", las kaingkwes "give up", (piunk) ngílem "clothes", (piunk) úngeyl "naked", shinkwem "root", shingkwel "not moving", (lam) la "path", (naum/piunk/lam) láwet "underground", hauwi "cave", (naum/piunk) ngail,
    • changed: nius·pe·kuniuspe "happy" (shorter, and no longer looks like first person), nas·penaske "fear" (too similar to niuspe), ngaus·elwngausu "choose" (distinct from all possessive forms), hel·í·elhe·lí·yel "sky" (more consistent spelling), le·kaul·lele·kaul·e "cloudy" (more consistent spelling rules); changed lam ngaus·elw to kí ngausu "choose" (there's now hyam ngausu), and added more senses to ngausu
    • added logographs for helíyel "sky", huswes "sun", meluin "moon", lekaul "cloud", suyát "rain", lutain "snow", sestwín "ice", númp "cold", nalken "hot", naiyu "fire", shai "mountain", selyúp "up", míshelw "down", sap "early", ípwenk "late/future"
    • made palatal allophones more common (VCi, CCi, and iCC are now palatal in many cases where they weren't before)
    • more details about how lam works
    • (mostly) finished North Wind and the Sun (example story)
    • add link to CALS page
    • reworded a few things, and changed the formatting of glosses

    Lwaitel home page

  17. #2016-1-8: Speech synthesis demo

    Speak text you enter using your browser's speech synthesis capabilities

  18. #2016-1-25: Latitude/longitude / spherical coordinate distance

    Calculate spherical coordinates, also explains how the calculation works. For Earth, only an approximation, because the Earth is only approximately a sphere.

  19. #2016-2-1: Kaufman decimal ordering

    I was recently reminded of this post on a blog I read, Math with Bad Drawings. The Kaufman decimals are like the infinitely-repeating decimal expansions of rational numbers (e.g., ⅓ = 0.33333…, also notated 0.3̄ or 0.(3)), but where there can be more digits after the end of the infinitely-repeating part, and also more infinitely-repeating parts and infinitely-repeating parts inside infinitely-repeating parts. See the original post for details.

    The article presents the question of whether it's possible to order the decimals; that is, do < and = work as expected? Here's my program to attempt to order them.

  20. #2016-2-1: Bookmarklet: Link borders

    Show blue outlines around all unvisited links, and orange outlines around all visited links. Useful on sites that for some reason set visited and unvisited links to the same color. Clicking on the bookmarklet again will remove the outlines.

    I also slightly updated the No YT Autohide bookmarklet, and reorganized/reformatted the bookmarklets page

  21. #2016-2-21: 5 new drawings
  22. #2016-2-28: New section: dreams

    I was in a large room, multiple stories tall, and each floor of the building had a hall going all the way around the room, with a rail, so one could stand in the hallways and look down into the main room, and many doors on each floor to smaller rooms. Read more

    I was outside, at night, hovering above the ground. I could see the stars above me; below me was only grass, which was dark but still visible, and one little girl, with straight blond hair, looking at Mars. I was high enough that the horizon of the Earth looked curved. I heard a male voice, but never saw the person the voice belonged to. He said, "There are some directions, where if you go out into space, and keep going in a straight line in that direction, all the planets you'll encounter will be the same type of planet." Read more

    I'm probably going to post more later, both dreams that I have after today, and dreams from a while ago (I have a rather long dream journal to look through for interesting dreams...)

  23. #2016-3-1: 6 additional sketchbook pictures
  24. #2016-3-4: New xkcdsw

    New xkcdsw based on the most recent comic.

  25. #2016-3-10: Messing around in Photoshop (2006)

    Mostly-abstract pictures that I made at a computer camp. 37 pictures on 6 pages, Start, List

  26. #2016-3-23: Number types

    Calculate expressions involving other types of numbers than reals, e.g., quaternions and ordinal numbers... later I'll probably add other number types (e.g., other types of hypercomplex numbers, other types of infinity, ...) Go

  27. #2016-4-1: Unbroken (esoteric programming language)

    Unbroken is an esoteric programming language that has certain restrictions. Read more

  28. #2016-4-8: More number types: Various kinds of infinity

    I updated "Number types", above, to include various other types of infinity: extended real number line, real projective line, IEEE floating point, and cardinal numbers

  29. #2016-4-25: Reversi board game

    I made a program to play Reversi

  30. #2016-4-29: Synthesizer (JavaScript)

    A simple piano keyboard/synthesizer written in JavaScript. Go

  31. #2016-4-29: Web Archive context menu user script (and also No YT Autohide as a user style)

    I turned my Web Archive bookmarklet into a user script, which has a new feature that you can right-click a link and display its destination in Web Archive. Useful if a link redirects somewhere unhelpful (as broken links often do).

    Also a while back I turned my No YT Autohide bookmarklet into a user style, which is easier to use, and I didn't put anything here when I did that.

  32. #2016-5-30: Forum game scorekeeper: Double Post

    Forum game scorekeeper for the Double Post thread

  33. #2016-6-13: Synthesizer: More instruments

    More instruments/synthesis options: pulse (rectangular) wave, non-symmetric triangle wave, basic additive synthesis, wave with lowpass filter (subtractive synthesis), basic FM synthesis. Go to synthesizer

  34. #2016-6-13: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 24: +10 words (705), added CALS translation examples
    • new words: e·nán·e "mirror", hup "pen", lú senyui "appreciate", piunk musúm "touch", sapwe "glass", sawep "surroundings", tunye "pencil", u "rather", utúni "instead of", winki "shiny"
    • changed the distinction between naum/piunk enane (was "spin in place", now "turn to face the opposite direction") and naum/piunk pestwamp ("turn"); changed the spelling huswhus "sound of wind blowing"
    • changed and added to the phrasebook
    • changed the ideographs for direction words, and added ideographs to nepú and úni (sort of)
    • rewrote the section on vowel allophony and added some more vowel allophony
    • started a section on intonation
    • added CALS translation examples; added example sentence 25 in conlang test sentences

    Lwaitel home page

  35. #2016-6-14: Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû (conlang) revision 2: +2 words (48 words), changed the phonology
    • New words: dé, dédé, dédédé, dédédédé, dèeé (numbers)
    • Removed all fricatives and affricates (/ʣ ɖʐ v z ʐ)/ and /l j/ and added a bunch of approximants (/ʋ ɹ̪ ɹʲ/). Also certain triphthongs and tone patterns are no longer distinguished, and consonant length is no longer distinguished. Changed a bunch of words to account for these changes.
    • Changed duílíduí "person", dííí (vocative), gïïgïïï "dangerous", diediu "taste", djeère (third person animate pronoun)
    • Removed lui (agent marker), (past perfective marker), 'ìzíu "arrive"

    Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû home page

  36. #2016-6-20: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 25: +19 words (724), added sign language
    • new words: ngish "rock", piteku "letter", piunk itúp "pick up", piunk kante "put down", tailshu "light (weight)", chatu "squirrel", and names for all the letters (decided on an alphabetical order, too)
    • added a sign language (something I'd been planning for a while; previously there was just fingerspelling)
      • added some information to the sign language section, of course
      • added information to the sections on nouns, verbs, prepositions, numbers
      • added signs for chátu, hu, hyangu, lenk, myau, ngish, pe, se, shi, , sushli, tem, swá, , naum, hyam, , maus
    • added "I don't speak Lwaitel" and "Do you speak English?" to phrasebook
    • make se change to su before vowels (not currently shown in examples yet); added sense "heavy" to tangku

    Lwaitel home page

  37. #2016-6-29: xkcdsw: Six new comics starting with Laser Comic Surgery
  38. #2016-7-10: Searchable Index Diachronica

    Index Diachronica is a list of sound changes from many, many, many, many different languages. However, it is large, and it doesn't use Unicode, making it hard to search for specific sounds. Therefore, I made a Unicode PDF, and also an HTML version (since I know at least Apple's Preview has trouble searching for certain Unicode characters (like ʷ) even if a document is in Unicode), and also made a search tool. (Note that I did not make the Index, I only converted it to HTML and made the search tool.)

    (This is an early version; there still may be bugs to work out.)

    Search, Browse

  39. #2016-7-16: New version of plgrep (command-line utility; was previously called "pgrep")

    A command-line utility for searching for regular expressions, which uses Perl regular expressions, which I made because the version of grep that comes with my computer (Mac OS X) doesn't support Perl-style regular expressions. It requires Perl (at least version 5.16.2 works). Its flags are not all compatible with other versions of grep. It's unrelated to any other programs with this name.

    This version adds new features including support for Unicode and compressed files

    More information; What's new; Download plgrep (10.85K) (source)

  40. #2016-7-21: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 26: +34 words (758), translated Tower of Babel story, added audio samples to the phrasebook
    • new words: chíptu "smell", chús ílu "build", ílu petú "skyscraper", chús kiusteng "figure out", kwiu "mermaid", kyauswely "tar", liul "pleasant smelling", múmel "tasty", múmet "tooth", (piunk/naum) munínt "together", musúmpi "feeling", las neskíl "prevent", ngálset "flat", (lam/lú) núlye "tongue", núltu "taste", púmpwel "brick", lam/maus pútwe "discover", sángu "famous", sasyen "noise", sait(ek) "bad-smelling", shuish "city", shuwín "glue", shuwín púmpel "mortar", suim "deity", (naum/piunk) tekápu "spread out", yaun(el) "sound"
    • added the Tower of Babel story
    • added audio samples to the phrasebook (most entries)
    • made the instrumental suffix (-et) separate from the agent suffix (-ek), and changed yaunyenkyaunyent "voice", chíntwekchíntwet "instrument", chíntwekekchíntwek "musician", naumleknaumlet "TV", púlshekpúlshet "radio", nálenknálent "cloak"
    • changed chí·pye to chíp·ye "nose"; changed lulekpúpu "toe" and lulekúwel "leg" to púpu lúlek and úwel lúlek; changed lú/lam swálki to lú/lam núlye "taste"; lam sákipes is now archaic
    • various minor changes and fixes, including putting all senses of maus palemp in the same entry, and adding su to the lexicon

    Lwaitel home page

  41. #2016-8-13: xkcdsw: Six new comics based on "Superzoom"
  42. #2016-8-15: Keyboard layouts: QWERTY more and new version of Dvorak more

    QWERTY more and Dvorak more are keyboard layouts that I made for Mac OS X that add a bunch of Unicode symbols to the keyboard. Intended audience is those who use Mac OS X, are already familiar with entering special characters on Mac, and regularly need to type other Unicode characters (that are similar enough to the ones I type).

    Changes in this version: add QWERTY more; fix some things with caps lock; add symbols ǣǢ〉♩♪♬♫⑨‽〚〛□■ᶠ♀ȷˡ♂ˢˣ⸛ᵻ¤ᵿ

    More info/download

  43. #2016-8-16: xkcdsw: x000

  44. #2016-8-29: Súiⱥcúili (conlang) revision new-7: +16 words (570)
    • New words: hece "while", prıⱥ "as", ⱥtıp "from", fipfilun "cause", nilcilun "wear", icimcilun "take off", utsutⱥ/ilun "agree", ıfatⱥ "disagree", ifasoinilun "dispute", hughpilun "blow", soso "out of", sotsu- "-est", piconⱥ "strong", fihishun "weak"
    • Add phrasebook and start translating North Wind and the Sun
    • Add syllabification rules and keyboard layout
    • Súiⱥcúili is now an in-universe conlang "inspired by" Vegúili, rather than "descended from" it. (Out-of-universe, Vegúili doesn't even exist yet.) This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and it's at least partly as an excuse for the language not being very good as a naturalistic language since it was made so long ago. (Lwaitel, on the other hand, is not an in-universe conlang for that reason.) Despite this, I'm still sort of trying to make this language as I would have back when I started it. Also mentioned the aliens.

    Súiⱥcúili home page

  45. #2016-9-2: Sasaro (conworld): added descriptions of Súiⱥcúil and Puinⱥtimcel

    added descriptions of Súiⱥcúil and Puinⱥtimcel; these are mostly things that I'd already decided previously, even if I hadn't written them down anywhere. Sasaro home page

  46. #2016-9-8: xkcdsw: History

  47. #2016-9-12: Súiⱥcúili (conlang) revision new-8: added some audio, and otherwise mostly reorganized and tried to clarify and edit some; +13 words in lexicon (but none of them are actually new) (583)
    • Added audio to the phrasebook and to some words (particularly interjections, letters of the alphabet, and proper nouns)
    • Added to phrasebook: yes, no, I don't know, don't do that, stop that, and the phrases from "Wo the Ordinary Dhidoxan".
    • Started the example "Once upon a time"; I started translating this years ago, and I notice some mistakes, and also some words that still need to be translated, so I didn't finish copying it.
    • Split the "phonology and writing" and "grammar" pages into multiple pages, and moved the information about dates and times from notes in the lexicon to the grammar.
    • Added to lexicon: days of the week (previously just in a table), and the words ca̽harcúil (used in "Once upon a time") and Vegúil (country name I decided on long ago)
    • Added to out-of-universe notes: comments about i changing to e, pronouns, and the word "brown".
    • Added a section on morphology in general, the start of a section on questions, some more information about grammatical gender assignment, and a thing to see numbers and times written in Súiⱥcúili
    • Various small fixes/corrections, including fixing mistakes with il vs. sel (verbs of being), and changed the wording of some things

    Súiⱥcúili home page

  48. #2016-10-22: Cookie public suffix test

    Every cookie is associated with the domain it came from; that way, sites can't read each other's cookies. Some websites have subdomains, like www.example.com and store.example.com; browsers let such sites set a less-specific domain (in this case, anything ending in .example.com) so that all subdomains can see the cookie. However, the browser needs to make sure that a site can't set a cookie for, say, all sites ending in .com or .co.uk (called "public suffixes"), because otherwise unrelated sites would be able to read and interfere with each other's cookies.

    In order to do this, browsers need to know what domains parts represent a website (like .example.com), and what parts are public suffixes (like .com). Older browsers used simple algorithms for determining what's a public suffix; however, now there's a list of public suffixes, which includes not only ordinary top level domains like .com, .org, .co.uk, etc., but also some hosting providers that allow anyone to create websites under their domain—including the one I'm using.

    This page tests if your browser actually uses that list (and is reasonably up-to-date), or if it uses a simpler algorithm that would allow cookies available to all .nfshost.com sites.


  49. #2016-10-27: xkcdsw: Five new comics
  50. #2016-10-29: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 27: +14 words (772), more audio, more phrasebook phrases, information about really old versions
    • new words: laumes "what?", miuwe "ball", hiu "sphere", lyau "box shape", sase "pyramid", kwau "polyhedron", pinku "tetrahedron", iunku "cube", íneku "octahedron", naunku "dodecahedron", pálneku "icosohedron", naum táles "run", (naum) mwími "wheel",
    • changed lam lwait to hyam lwait "light up"
    • added audio for many words, North Wind, and a few other examples
    • added to phrasebook: yes, no, what did you say, could you talk slower, don't do that, stop that
    • added information to the top of this page about really old versions of Lwaitel
    • added copies of my translations from the CBB and conlang test sentence 31, slightly modified North Wind
    • reworded the section on compound verbs

    Lwaitel home page

  51. #2016-10-30: Synthesizer: More sampled instruments

    More sampled instruments (based on the instruments that I have available to me): harpsichord, monochord, gongs, crotales, glockenspiel, two kinds of windchimes, mbira, whirly tube. Go to synthesizer

  52. #2016-11-25: xkcdsw: Four new comics
  53. #2016-12-7: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 28: 5 new words (+25 items in lexicon, 797), changed the writing a bit
    • new words: nálwenel "in universe", píp "valley", pwá "made of", susheyl "out of universe", wít "ground"
    • changed numángkel to numángkeyl "still", piteku to píteku "letter", taisheylpe to taisheylpi, yamel to yameyl
    • changed the form of some letters
    • changed how the pronouns and their related suffixes are written
    • minor spelling changes to some words
    • some changes to the formatting that don't really affect the language itself:
      • add to the lexicon: all participle prefixes, and some suffixes that I've used in words but didn't explicitly mention before: -es, -nge, -she, -temp, -chem, -u
      • add etymology information to most words (and put it in a standard place)
      • added a detailed table of contents, and added a table of contents to the beginning of each page
      • added more searching options to the lexicon, and changed the interface
      • added an option to find examples containing a specific word (look up the word in the lexicon, then click the link)
      • fixed a bunch of homophones in examples

    Lwaitel home page

  54. #2016-12-15: plgrep 3.0.1 (bugfix)

    I just fixed a bug in my program plgrep (a command-line utility for searching for regular expressions, which uses Perl regular expressions), so if you've downloaded it before you might want to download the newer version.

    More information about plgrep; What's new; Download plgrep (10.86K) (source)

  55. #2016-12-27: chrideedeespellianně (oltěrnittivě Ǐngglish spellǐng/alternative English spelling)

    chridedeespelleean izz an ideea forě an oltěrnitivě sistěm uvě spellǐng Ǐngglish that Ie camě up with wen Ie wuzz much yunggěr (not nessissarilly azz sumthǐng Ie intenděd tue acshlěy yuzě, just becuzz Ie felt likě it). Its intenděd tue bee uh morě raigyulěr věrzhun uvě Ǐngglishěs kěrěnt spellǐng rulěs. It yuzěs thee oardinary Ǐngglish alfubbet pluss tue extra lettěrs: ě, wich izz olwizz silěnt, and ǐ, wich reprezents thuh voulě in wěrds spellěd with ing.

    (Translation: chrideedeespellian is an idea for an alternative system of spelling English that I came up with when I was much younger (not necessarily as something I intended to actually use, just because I felt like it). It's intended to be a more regular version of English's current spelling rules. It uses the ordinary English alphabet plus two extra letters: ě, which is always silent, and ǐ, which represents the vowel in words spelled with ing.)

    Morě / Standard spelling version

  56. #2016-12-29: Some bugfixes in user styles and bookmarklets

    I fixed a few things in my user scripts page. If you're using one of these, you might want to update it:

    • No YT Autohide (stylish version, only WebKit browsers affected)
    • Play MIDIs
    • Link borders (the stylesheet)
  57. #2016-12-30: Miscellaneous art

    8 things; from 2008 and some other years; start, list

  58. #2017-1-3: IPA keyboard layouts for Mac OS X

    (see the "more info" link for the layout)

    These are keyboard layouts to make it easier to type in the International Phonetic Alphabet. There are two layouts available, one based on QWERTY, the other on Dvorak. By default, these will function as a normal keyboard; however, if Caps Lock is on, instead of typing capital letters, it'll type letters in IPA.

    More info/download

  59. #2017-1-15: Fireworks Game

    Fireworks Game, by chri d. d. (the title screen also shows an airplane and some fireworks)

    A game about dodging fireworks, playable in your browser. Play

  60. #2017-1-22: User script: Enable TVTropes display options

    Before: switches labelled "Show Spoilers", "Night Vision", "Sticky Header", and "Wide Load", with all but "Show Spoilers" grayed out; after: the same switches, but none of them are grayed out

    On each page in TV Tropes, there are various display options. When you're not logged in, only "Show Spoilers" is enabled, with the other options prompting you to log in if you click them. However, if you enable the options, they work perfectly fine, and there's even perfectly working code to save the options locally like how Show Spoilers works (except for Wide Load, but this script also fixes that). Thus, this script enables those options.

    More info/download

  61. #2017-2-20: About me

    I'm chri; I sometimes post on forums and blogs, usually under the username chridd. I lurk more than I post, partly because I tend to be afraid of saying something wrong and accidentally breaking a rule or starting a flamewar or revealing something about myself that I shouldn't or looking stupid.... Also I sometimes post stuff I make on my website. More info

  62. #2017-3-19: Bookmarklet: Current forum game scores (xkcd forums)

    (for example, with the Thread Necromancy Mexican Standoff thread open, clicking this bookmarklet takes you to the Thread Necromancy Mexican Standoff scores)

    Go directly to the scores for the forum game you're currently viewing. If not available, go to the list of forum game scorekeepers. This is similar to clicking the link in my signature, except it works even if I haven't posted in the thread recently, and is more reliable when viewing new posts.

    More info

  63. #2017-3-22: xkcdsw: Color Pattern Obvious

    (click for transcript)

  64. #2017-4-15: Talbas (new conlang)

    Talbas is a conlang which I've just started, but my current idea is that it'll be a protolang. Work in progress. Talbas home page

  65. #2017-5-1: Lwaitel (conlang) revision 29: +13 words (810), miscellaneous changes
    • new words: ááá "AAAAAA!!!" "like", ie "ew", íngel likely, lam/kí haupe "look for/find", (maus) lúkek "lie", nauyes "dew", ne-, newímpu "frost", puil "maybe", ya "ow!"
    • changed lutain "snow" to specifically refer to snow in the air, with a new word wímpu for snow on the ground; changed hekenánt "shadow", hekempík "night", pínekent "tree shadow" → háneng, hámpek, hápen (hekenánt is three syllables, and pínekent sounds too much like...other words); add sense "statement" to súngep
    • removed (contraction of he í), (contraction of u í), and lwehai (contraction of lwe há í); the first two are still contracted in speech, it's just that the contractions aren't their own words; also made lwe há two words instead of one
    • changed how to make an observer of the subject of a sentence: previously (swá) húlu (a word specifically for this purpose) was used; now "get" or lwe is used instead
    • removed cleft sentences
    • changed participles to be written as separate words rather than prefixes
    • changed "Welcome to Conlangery" from Lí niuspe súshli p'an Conlangery (a more literal translation) to Lí niuspe lun an Conlangery
    • add an option to the lexicon to search by category

    Lwaitel home page

  66. #2017-5-13: JavaScript key events

    This shows keyboard events so you can see what key codes your browser uses, behavior for key repeating, etc. Go

  67. #2017-5-16: 5 new xkcdsw's (Rental Car fixed 1 and 2, Big Acorn, Randomness Obsessions, Homestar Picture)
  68. #2017-5-24: 4 new xkcdsw's (starting with Lab Coat Visit)
  69. #2017-6-15: Fix Bitbucket scrolling (user style)

    Bitbucket for no apparent reason has the main content scrolling separately from the window, which makes scrolling work weirdly (scrolling diagonally doesn't work). User style: Fix Bitbucket scrolling

  70. #2017-6-15: Number representations: add quote notation, continued fractions, fibonacci coding

    I have a thing for converting numbers to different bases and such. I've added quote notation, continued fractions, and fibonacci coding to it.

  71. #2017-6-15: 2 new xkcdsw's based on State Word Map
  72. #2017-6-22: List of emoticons

    A list of emoticons that I use on forums.

  73. #2017-6-28: Talbas (conlang) revision 2: +40 words (129), a lot more information on nouns, some more information on grammar in general, start adding audio

    Talbas home page

  74. #2017-7-9: Game: Difficult Stream

    A game where you have to keep your mouse cursor or finger on a fast-moving, bendy river. Playable in your browser. Play

  75. #2017-7-12: Date anagrams

    Find dates like 2017-02-17 or 2017-07-12 where the date is the anagram of the year

  76. #2017-7-16: Game: X/

    X/ (pronounced "ecks slash") is a simple, abstract game about attacking your enemies to move around. It was made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, with the theme of dual purpose design—in this case, attacking serves a dual purpose of also moving you forward, and likewise enemies are both enemies and things you need in order to move. Playable in your browser (mouse or touch). Play

  77. #2017-7-26: Synthesizer: Recording and a couple more scales

    Add the ability to record stuff; add scales based on the overtone and undertone series; add subharmonic instrument (because I was curious what it would sound like) Go to synthesizer

  78. #2017-8-20: 3 new xkcdsw's related to the eclipse

    Also added this thing

  79. #2017-8-23: Eclipse photos

    ...and more, including totality!

  80. #2017-8-26: Bookmarklet: Disable mobile viewport

    Tells mobile browsers to use the default (wide) width and allow zooming, like they do for sites that aren't made for mobile devices. On some websites, this will switch them into desktop layout, rather than mobile layout. More info

  81. #2017-8-30: Talbas (conlang) revision 3: +10 words (139), and worked backwards a bit to a proto-language
    • new words: baba "dad", kos "who", molde "can", sinlo "can't", son "or", sonyo (polar question), tso "any", yo "no"
    • changed: pronouns li (nominative) and sal (accusative) → sa (nominative) and -li (accusative) (also -ili--isa), pyeye -> pyepi, qaye -> qay; sananali "boy"; lo from an irrealis particle to an adverb "maybe"; accusative of pronouns ending in -te from -tey to -ti
    • add proto-Talbas

    Talbas home page

  82. #2017-9-12: Number types calculator: added p-adic and modular arithmetic

    I updated "Number types" to include a few more things: p-adic numbers, modular arithmetic, boolean algebra, and also added square roots to types where it makes sense

  83. #2017-9-14: 3 new xkcdsw's, including one relating to today's comic