Súiⱥcúili out-of-universe history

So... this all started with a story that I made for a class called "The Chocolate Rain", and I needed some names, so I made up some names and put a bunch of diacritics on them to make them look foreign. At this point, I didn't have any intent to develop this into a full language. Then, a few stories later, I made a story involving both the country of Ḱĺk̀ and the country that I'd previously made, thus establishing that they were in the same universe, and I continued to make stories in that universe, though I wasn't always consistent with names (and the relation between Coculaght and Súiⱥcúil).

Then, later (early 2009 I think), I decided to actually start making the language, and of course I wanted to make it at least somewhat consistent with the names I'd already used... which meant assigning meaning to various diacritics that I at some point found out weren't actually in Unicode, so I decided that some of the diacritics just involved how the words changed when they changed forms. The meaning of ⱥ and ø was also decided due to how I'd made those letters pronounced on a whim way back then.

A few other things about how I decided certain things:

Some thoughts years later coming back to this language after I'd already started Lwaitel and Tydotsuy and gained more linguistic knowledge:

Version history

  1. 2009-08-12: first published version
  2. 2010-03-20: added many words
  3. 2010-08-30: added a bit more explanations, added phrase "puin ⱥt timce"
  4. 2010-03-31: reordered sections
  5. 2010-09-03:
  6. 2010-09-08
  7. 2010-09-26: clarify iledⱥ and onledun
  8. 2014-11-11: made this into multiple webpages, like my newer conlangs; added a phonology chart; added a font that can display the characters in Súiⱥcuili correctly
  9. 2014-11-15: add examples that I made a long time ago; added "lo", "ol", "tu-", "ti-", "ʃu-", "ʃi-", "cu-", "pu-", "onic", "ce-", *"pilun", "Súiⱥcúili", and "r'" to the lexicon (previously they were only mentioned in the grammar); added audio for the name of the language
  10. #2015-01-06: new words "mumŋaŋlil", "Lwait", "Pahⱥrun"
  11. #2015-01-25
  12. #2015-02-24: (530 words); first version on chridd.nfshost.com, archived
  13. #2015-11-10: +24 words (554), reanalyzed the phonology
  14. #2016-08-29: +16 words (570)
    • New words: hece "while", prıⱥ "as", ⱥtıp "from", fipfilun "cause", nilcilun "wear", icimcilun "take off", utsutⱥ/ilun "agree", ıfatⱥ "disagree", ifasoinilun "dispute", hughpilun "blow", soso "out of", sotsu- "-est", piconⱥ "strong", fihishun "weak"
    • Add phrasebook and start translating North Wind and the Sun
    • Add syllabification rules and keyboard layout
    • Súiⱥcúili is now an in-universe conlang "inspired by" Vegúili, rather than "descended from" it. (Out-of-universe, Vegúili doesn't even exist yet.) This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and it's at least partly as an excuse for the language not being very good as a naturalistic language since it was made so long ago. (Lwaitel, on the other hand, is not an in-universe conlang for that reason.) Despite this, I'm still sort of trying to make this language as I would have back when I started it. Also mentioned the aliens.
  15. #2016-09-12: added some audio, and otherwise mostly reorganized and tried to clarify and edit some; +13 words in lexicon (but none of them are actually new) (583)
    • Added audio to the phrasebook and to some words (particularly interjections, letters of the alphabet, and proper nouns)
    • Added to phrasebook: yes, no, I don't know, don't do that, stop that, and the phrases from "Wo the Ordinary Dhidoxan".
    • Started the example "Once upon a time"; I started translating this years ago, and I notice some mistakes, and also some words that still need to be translated, so I didn't finish copying it.
    • Split the "phonology and writing" and "grammar" pages into multiple pages, and moved the information about dates and times from notes in the lexicon to the grammar.
    • Added to lexicon: days of the week (previously just in a table), and the words caharcúil (used in "Once upon a time") and Vegúil (country name I decided on long ago)
    • Added to out-of-universe notes: comments about i changing to e, pronouns, and the word "brown".
    • Added a section on morphology in general, the start of a section on questions, some more information about grammatical gender assignment, and a thing to see numbers and times written in Súiⱥcúili
    • Various small fixes/corrections, including fixing mistakes with il vs. sel (verbs of being), and changed the wording of some things